Over the past years we’ve touched the lives of so many families. Read first hand what our parents and successful Bar Mitzvah students, as well as students who study Torah online with Rabbi Sabbah have to say about Bar Mitzvah Online, from all over the world!

Daniella Gozlan, Melbourne, Australia

Bar Mitzvah Online is a very convenient way for our children to study for their Bar Mitzvah’s, it gives an option for our busy lifestyles. Students can study in their own time and pace, with the mp3 recordings provided, and busy parents can monitor the progress without having to leave their houses. It makes it flexible when parents have several children to juggle in the afternoons.

What’s special about this programme is the personal attention and dedication from Rabbi Menachem Sabbach. He strives to meet every child’s needs regardless of their prior level of Torah knowledge.

I advise this programme to other parents, as it is an all encompassing programme that not only teaches my child to read his Parasha but goes further to develop his want to learn about the true meaning of Bar Mitzvah, and what this means to him.

Daniella Gozlan,
Melbourne, Australia

Meir and Mazi Cohen, Melbourne, Australia

From the first time we met Rabbi Menachem he gave our son Elad a sense of self-confidence, and made him feel as comfortable as possible throughout the Bar Mitzvah preparation. Elad was blessed to have his Bar Mitzvah in Nes Tziona Israel, as well as the Kotel.

It was on the Shabbat of the Bar Mitzvah celebration that we had realized the level of study that Elad had undergone.

The synagogue was silent as Elad read his entire Parasha and it was a long one, Parashat Vayikra. Everyone present was in awe that such a young boy from Australia can come and read his Parasha with such preciseness and beauty, even the Rabbi was left with tears in his eyes.

Ever since Elad’s Bar Mitzvah we refer our friends to Rabbi Menachem of Bar Mitzvah Online, he’s not only a Rabbi and teacher he guides his students with warmth and care and will make sure that your son is comfortable and feels successful.

Join Bar Mitzvah Online it’ll be worth it!

Meir and Mazi Cohen,
Melbourne, Australia

Yoram and Orna Malka, Melbourne, Australia

Initially, we had booked our son Naor`s Bar Mitzvah studies with the Sepharadi shul.
Three months before the big day, we were informed that we will need to find another Rabbi for Naor and that`s when we turned to Rabbi Menachem Sabbach with a request to teach Naor a whole new style of reading in a very short time.

As things turned out, not only was Naor ready as per schedule, he had done it in such a special way that left tears of happiness in our eyes.
Rabbi Menachem had a great part of the success of the Bar Mitzvah and without his dedication and high standards we would not have had this wonderful experience.

Naor has learned not just how to read his Parasha, but also values and tradition.

Thank you Rabbi Menachem Sabbach!

Yoram and Orna Malka,
Melbourne, Australia

Martine Jasmine Salfati, Rome, Italy

My sons, Luca and Andrea, have been studying with Rabbi Menachem for their Bar Mitzvah in next June and I don't know how to express my joy to have found him to teach them in this way. We live in Italy and it was not easy for me to organize the Bar Mitzvah lessons.

He’s method is perfect, complete and very illustrated. He sends us also documents and recordings. He gives me a feedback on the lesson at the end of each one, this allows me to know every time the progress of the kids.

Most of all he has a big sense of pedagogy, he loves and knows how to teach to children, playing, explaining and giving a sense to every step of the Bar Mitzvah. He is kind, clever, easy and very well organized, Luca and Andrea are really happy to meet him every time. He is brilliant and his lessons are excellent.

Thank you so much Rabbi!

Martine Jasmine Salfati,
Rome, Italy

Michael Ian Elias New York, USA

Rabbi Sabbah he has instilled in my son a real desire to achieve success laining his parasha. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a great bar mitzvah tutor. Thank you!

Michael Ian Elias
New York, USA

James Haimsarvey, California, USA

Thank you Rabbi! With your care and efforts you brought Yosef so far so quickly. From teaching him how to read Hebrew, all the way to reading the Torah.

James Haimsarvey
California, USA

Orly Mekler, Monaco, France

Thank you Rabbi Menachem Sabbach of Bar Mitzvah Online for all your help and support, I still can’t believe you taught Moshe how to read Hebrew in 2 weeks! Thank you! Thank you!

Orly Mekler,
Monaco, France  

Ella Nudelman, Melbourne, Australia

My son prepared for his Bar Mitzvah With rabbi Menachem Sabbach of Bar Mitzvah Online , it's a great way to “attend” lessons, no need to drive especially after school with all the traffic, the lessons are private one on one, The Rabbi is very easy to communicate with , very realistic , and he’s tailor fit program is easy to use and great way of learning.

Ella Nudelman,
Melbourne, Australia