How It Works

Online education with Barmitzvah-Online is convenient and fun. We offer convenient and user friendly programs for your child to learn and master the course material. With customized programs and flexible schedules, we work at your child’s pace to ensure their thorough understanding and fluency. We know your children are busy and we understand the difficulty of finding a tutor in your area.

For your convenience, our online program is available anywhere, anytime. Your child will be able to attend his Bar Mitzvah Class from home, master his Bar Mitzvah portion, or read Hebrew with ease, from the comfort of your own home. Your child will receive all the tools to succeed and become a Pro! (Including: Course Handbook, recordings of Torah Portions, Torah Blessings and much more). We teach boys using live video with a trained Rabbi Instructor.

Lessons Are Conducted One-On-One In A Fun And Meaningful Way!

Support And Guidance

Our instructors are experienced with teaching and are always available for support and guidance for the Bar Mitzvah, Judaism, and general questions and information.

Bar Mitzvah Lessons

Bar Mitzvah lessons will vary in content based on student’s prior education and the goals that one wishes to reach. Goals will be set based on the student’s prior Judaic knowledge and length of study for the Bar Mitzvah.

Qualified Teachers

Our qualified teachers can teach your son to read Hebrew, sing the brachot for his aliyah, read the haftorah, the maftir, or teach him a section of his Torah portion. Lessons can also include learning a Bar Mitzvah speech and how to lead the prayer services.


The optimal preparation time can vary from six months to one and a half year. Lessons are usually once a week until the big day.

Each Bar Mitzvah Lesson includes 45 minutes online ‘one on one’ study with our trained teacher.

Students are expected to review the material in between lessons for about 10 minutes per day.

Our Goal

Our goal is for our students to be motivated and excited to accomplish what they need to cover for their Bar Mitzvah, to the best of their ability. We aim to leave them with an everlasting impact, one that they can look back at and say “this wasn’t just about preparing for a ritual; this experience changed my life forever”.

Enroll your son with confidence!

The initial Bar Mitzvah assessment with one of our qualified teachers and first trial lesson is FREE.

Enroll your son with confidence!

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