Many Bar Mitzvah tutors are available, and with today’s modern technology and internet accessibility online study programs have become very popular, So why choose Bar Mitzvah Online?

1. Our program is designed to cater for students of all backgrounds, regardless of prior Torah knowledge or observance, so don’t worry about your son “fitting in”, we’ll make sure he does, with 3 available courses your son is sure to find a right level and place to feel accomplished and successful in whatever he does.

2. Our motto isn’t quantity. We judge our students successes based on how hard they have tried, and how much effort they have invested in their Barmitzvah preparation.

3. Our goal is that our students not only get an amazing experience on the Bar Mitzvah day, but to give them general Torah knowledge based on their current level, so that the Bar Mitzvah preparation doesn’t only prepare them for that special day, but changes their outlook and understanding on Judaism for life!

4. The Torah reading techniques we use enable our students to be able to have the appropriate “keys” to read the Torah even after their Barmitzvah, the Barmitzvah preparation course doesn’t only teach the students how to chant/recite their Torah portion accurately, but to be able to recognise the Torah Taamim ( notes) and to understand how to implement them and read any section in the Torah forever!

5. Torah styles: Rabbi Sabbah has been teaching most of today’s popular Torah reading styles, whether is Ashkenaz, Chabad, Sephardi Moroccan or Sephardi Yerushalmi, you are sure to find the Nusach (style) that suits you (should you have any questions about which style is advised based on your sons capabilities and background please don’t hesitate to ask us).

6. Your schedule: Are you a single mum? Or do you have other children to take care of, and running around after school to bring your child to Barmitzvah class is hassle? You might even live 30 min or so from the closest available tutor? That’s where we come in, wherever you are, at home or on holidays, taking care of your other children? your son can join his class with just a click of a mouse.