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Bar Mitzvah and One-On-One classes:I understand that payment to Hebrew School Online is a non-refundable payment.

I  further understand that should my child have a one-on-one lesson scheduled, I will give Hebrew School Online 24 hour notice if my child can't attend the lesson.
I will be charged a $25 cancelation fee should I cancel within 24 hours. 
Withdrawal: In the event of a withdrawal, a full month is payable, unless one full month's notice is given by email.
Barmitzvah-online and group classes: I understand that payment to Barmitzvah Online is a non-refundable payment.
I fully understand that this enrolment, as part of my commitment to a long-term Jewish education at Barmitzvah Online, is accepted only on the basis of a minimum of 4 months, and agree to pay the full fees accordingly.
Withdrawal: In the event of a withdrawal mid-term, the Term’s remainder is payable plus a Termination Fee of $180 unless one full Term’s notice is given by email.
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