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Welcome to the Bar Mitzvah Calculator.
A calculator for the Bar Mitzvah date and Bar Mitzvah Parsha

Bar Mitzvah Online presents you with the Bar Mitzvah Calculator.

To accurately calculate your Hebrew birthday and your Bar Mitzvah date and Parsha (Torah portion),  click on Calculate the Date at the bottom of this page, were a pop-up (or new page) from will open.

1) Fill in your Gregorian birth date in the box on top. If you were born between sunset and midnight, tick where it says after sunset.

2) Press on Convert Gregorian to Hebrew Date and then you will receive your Hebrew birth date in the box underneath, and your English birthday at the top of the page.

3) Add thirteen years to the Hebrew birthday (e.g. Change 5758 to 5771). This is the year when your Bar Mitzvah will be.

4) Press on Convert Hebrew to Gregorian Date and then the Gregorian date of your Bar Mitzvah will appear as well.

5) On the top of the screen, the Hebrew and Gregorian date of your Bar Mitzvah and the weekly portion which is read after immediately following your birthday will appear.
Congratulations!! Now you know your Bar Mitzvah Parsha. Double check that this is in fact the correct Parsha with your Rabbi.

Please Note! This Calendar is accurate for Torah Readings outside of Israel.

Please Note! whether you are planning a Bar Mitzvah in the US or elsewhere, it is IMPORTANT to consult with a Qualified Rabbi or expert to ascertain the CORRECT Torah Portion before beginning your preparation.

There are instances where there is a difference between the Torah Readings in and outside of Israel. Among the reasons for this is that the Hebrew calendar sometimes consists of Leap Years with thirteen months, and in addition, there are instances where Holiday Readings affect the pursuant Torah portion such that they may be different in Israel than in the rest of the world.

Enjoy our Bar Mitzvah Calculator!

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