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Bat Mitzvah Lessons Online


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Beginning September 2016! 

Bat Mitzvah lessons Online - Girls 11-13.

Are you caught up with the theme, the clothing and the party favors but not sure about the meaning? Do you think a Bat Mitzvah ends or begins with your party? Join the Bat Mitzvah Club and find out! At Bat Mitzvah Club girls learn about Judaism, meet online with other Jewish girls the same age, and have loads of fun!!

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In this course, your daughter will learn about the exciting and memorable event of becoming a Bat Mitzvah. We'll learn about Jewish heroines from our Nation’s recent and ancient past, as we discover the power and importance of Jewish Womanhood. We will also learn the fundamental concepts of Bat Mitzvah and what it entails, as well as the special Mitzvot that were entrusted to Women. And of course, we will work together to create an awesome and individualized Bat Mitzvah Celebration.


Course Outline

1. Jewish Womanhood – A comprehensive study of the role of Jewish women throughout history with relevant lessons for life in the 21st century. (2 months) 

2. The Meaning Of Bat Mitzvah - A deep appreciation and understanding of this transformational life cycle event as well as special Mitzvot and Holidays Connected with Jewish Women (3 months).

3. Ani Ma’Amin - The 13 Principles of Faith - A study of the 13 fundamental principles that define our faith. (2 months)

4. Preparations - Bat Mitzvah Speech and Mitzvah Project (1 month)

We will also be learning about the different Holidays throughout the year, focusing on the role the Jewish Women played in each one. 

OPTIONAL: Alef-Bet - Hebrew reading practice will take place for 15 minutes during each class. 

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