Online Bar Mitzvah Training

Online Bar Mitzvah Training

Remember the good old days when you had to drive 45 minutes, each way, once a week, to take your son to his Bar Mitzvah training, not to mention how expensive the lessons were?

Well, it’s a new world, and Bar Mitzvah Online is here to the rescue. Now your son can have his Bar Mitzvah training online from home. The lessons are given LIVE and are fun, interactive and exciting, and of course highly affordable.

At the end of each class your son gets a recording to put on his iPod for review. It’s simple and fun!

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Online Bar Mitzvah Training

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Testimonial - Online Bar Mitzvah Training:

My sons, Luca and Andrea, have been studying from September with Rabbi Menachem for their Bar Mitzvah in  June and I don't know how to express my joy to have find him to teach them in this way. We are living in Italy and it was not easy to me to organize the Bar Mitzvah lessons. No matter if we are distant 8000 km, Rabbi Menachem's method is perfect, complete and very illustrated.

He sends us also documents and recordings of the Torah portion. He gives me a feedback on the lesson at the end of each one, this allows me to know every time the progress of the kids.We are a traditionalist family and we do our best to respect all the celebrations, but nobody speaks Hebrew at home!

Rabbi Menachem has a big sense of pedagogy, he loves and knows how to teach to children, playing, explaining and giving a sense to every step of the Bar Mitzvah. He is kind, clever, easy and very well organized, Luca and Andrea are really happy to meet him every time. He is brilliant and his lessons are excellent.

Martine Jasmine Salfati (Rome, Italy)

Online Bar Mitzvah Training